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In fact, using the Chambers definition, I would say a definite YES to CdM's earlier question on reacreational activities, rather than my earlier vacillation. Phil's confusion was understandable, since he typically does not do this in his spare time. Also, interestingly (or perhaps not), when I first asked about recreation, I almost said hobby. The items collected to provide that accumulation are not, but are still almost entirely vegetable. If that doesn't confuse the matter, I don't know what will;-).

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JWL: I weren't waiting no more time for this document. And when the required time to respond came about, I received an email from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs that they needed more time to review what I think was an eight-page document. I wrote them back, not telling them I already had the document, and expressed some surprise it would take more time to review a document that had essentially already been made public via the lobbyists having copies. Eventually, nearly two weeks later, I got an email telling me they were granting the request and providing me with the documents at no charge. The spokespersons for each department, by and large, do a good job of responding within the short news cycles today, where there's a deadline every minute.


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Sovereign, however, remained flat at Rs 24,700 per piece of eight grams in limited deals. Tracking gold, silver ready climbed by Rs 600 to Rs 41,150 per kg and weekly-based delivery by Rs 560 to Rs 40,150 per kg. Silver coins were flat at Rs 74,000 for buying and Rs 75,000 for selling of 100 pieces. PTI. Therefore, why have no indictments been issued, now five months later in what is apparently a prima facie case in which a catastrophic conflagration caused at least 70 residents to be either burned alive or asphyxiated by cyanide gas.